How to find a partner

Go to the main page of the site. Select the game you are interested in from the offers that are available there or use the search. After that you will be shown cards for this game. Now you should select a card from the suggested results and click on it. After which you will be redirected to Discord to the person who created it and is looking for a partner. If you didn't find the result that suits you, then create your own card.
Search for a partner in the game
Create card

How to create a card

Click on the 'Create Card' button on the top right side of the site. After that, you will see a page with adding a card. Fill in the required information: 1. Enter the name of the game in the search and select from the proposed list of games. 2. Insert a Discord Invite to a voice channel or group in private messages. 3. Select the period of access to your card. 4. Enter a name for the card (Premium). 5. Choose the stroke color of the card as desired (Premium). 6. Press the create button.

How to remove a card

Hover over your nickname at the top right of the site and select Profile. Your profile will open. Your card will be there with a button below it. You need to click on the button and your card will be closed.
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